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Welcome to Project Empathic.

A kinder world. A kinder today.

Project Empathic is a youth-led organization committed to sparking classroom action against homelessness. We engage children to write empathy cards for unhoused people and run an educational workshop program to teach students why card-making and further actions are important, so our community may develop empathy and unlearn the stigma of homelessness. We ground ourselves in the belief that a societal crisis like homelessness requires a society to address it. 


Our Program

At Project Empathic, we believe that homelessness is solvable.

Educational Workshops

Bringing our mission into the classroom.

Our team of high school and university students runs interactive workshops in elementary school classrooms across BC to address and understand common stereotypes surrounding homelessness and build empathy through engaging discussions and activities.

Created in consultation with educators, frontline outreach workers—and above all—people with lived experience of homelessness, these workshops are held at elementary schools and childcare centers in class sizes of up to 60 and facilitated by two or three specially-trained team members. 

Student-Led Card-Making

Translating knowledge into action.

Following our workshops, teachers work with students to create cards for people experiencing homelessness, so that the students may tackle the housing crisis themselves and personally invest in the matter, taking the first steps to addressing this societal issue. Our team then reviews each card before delivering them to people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to lessen the isolation unhoused individuals often experience and foster a sense of community throughout society.

Our Impact

The people who show us our mission matters.
To learn more, visit our Impact Page.


Students Reached



Workshops Held



Cards Distributed

“During the workshop, the Grade 7s became emotionally connected to the topics of homelessness and empathy. They showed visible signs of caring about the matter and wanting to take action.”

Erwin M., Grade 7 teacher in Vancouver, BC

Impact Map

Some of the schools, childcare centres, and shelters our team has collaborated with. 

Join our Mission

Join us, and make a difference today.
Visit our mission and vision page here.

If you are a high school or university student and you feel empowered by our mission to bridge the gap between youth and unhoused people, join our team of volunteers to direct a 60-minute workshop, either in-person or online, on homelessness for an elementary-level classroom.


If you are an elementary school parent, teacher, or childcare coordinator interested in bringing Project Empathic to your classroom and/or know someone who may be interested in our workshop program, request a workshop from our team.

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