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Our Card-Making

Translating knowledge into action.

Homelessness is an isolating experience, and we wish to alleviate that pain through action.

According to the people with lived experience we have consulted with, homelessness brings with it increased feelings of isolation and lowered self-esteem—a reality correlating with industry reports. Our solution is to bridge the gap between elementary school students and people experiencing homelessness through student-driven card-making. 

Following each workshop, elementary school students translate their acquired knowledge into action by creating unique, hand-crafted cards that demonstrate their empathy and understanding of the issue.

Some of our favourite cards from students:

card redo screenshot_edited.jpg

Reviewing Cards

Trained team members will review each card according to specific guidelines, ensuring messages express kindness, remain non-denominational, and avoid retraumatization. Following the reviewing process, cards are then delivered to people experiencing homelessness, either directly through our team, through partnerships with other nonprofits, or through homeless shelters.

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