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Our Impact

The people who show us our mission matters.

Although numbers are powerful, people tell the true story of our impact, and we are proud to share the feedback we have received from our program.


Educators have noted the students’ high engagement during our presentations, describing the children as becoming increasingly emotionally connected to the topics of homelessness and empathy, and have expressed appreciation for the students being included in the conversation. The students themselves have come up with over 100 solutions to homelessness following our workshops.


Meanwhile, the shelter coordinators have reported that residents felt surprised that kids had taken the time to write messages for them, but they expressed happiness upon receiving the cards, with some people even feeling as if their family members had directly contacted them. One coordinator in particular shared how the cards dispelled the tension in the shelter, leading to evenings, which were serious and silent at first, to be filled with laughter, joy, and the spirit of youth, and ultimately, while many organizations met the physical needs of people experiencing homelessness, Project Empathic met the emotional.

Our team who directly participated in the card handouts described the distribution experience as empowering and eye-opening. They reported similar feedback to the shelter coordinators—that many people were touched once they learned the cards were written by elementary-school students and that people would huddle around different cards to read the children's messages. A lady said to one of our members that these cards were what "helped [her] heal."

A kinder world. A kinder today.
Meet Project Empathic.



Written straight from the heart.
“During the workshop, the Grade 7s became emotionally connected to the topics of homelessness and empathy. They showed visible signs of caring about the matter and wanting to take action.”

Erwin M., Grade 7 teacher in Vancouver, BC

Impact Map

Some of the schools, childcare centres, and shelters our team has collaborated with. 

Photo Gallery

Our favourite highlights from our work.
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