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Our Mission and Vision

Project Empathic is our response to the stigmatization of homelessness.

Our Mission

Project Empathic seeks to alleviate the isolation homelessness fosters and build bridges of compassion between elementary school students and unhoused people through student-driven card-making.

We aim to teach students why card-making and further actions are important through educational workshops on modern-day homelessness, so society may develop empathy and unlearn the stigma of homelessness.


Through both components of our program, Project Empathic goes beyond simple acts of charity and leaves a lasting impact on those we work with.

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Our Vision

In the future, we envision Project Empathic branches across the world, running their own workshops and card-making programs to teach every child about homelessness. We aim to reach individuals internationally, inspiring youth and sparking global change

We ground ourselves in the belief that a societal crisis like homelessness requires a society to address it.

Meet Project Empathic.


Watch our award-winning presentation video for the national Elevate 2022 Social Impact competition.

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