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Homelessness: The Importance of Caring

First workshop

Project Empathic's workshops are designed for elementary-aged students, discussing homelessness through an objective lens, and are intended to evoke both empathy and understanding.


Each workshop runs for 60 minutes and is directed by a small team of specially-trained volunteers who contact teachers to integrate our program into their classrooms. 

“Homelessness and the Importance of Caring” is the first workshop in our planned series, with both an intermediate and primary version available, and addresses:

  • The definition of homelessness

  • Common stereotypes

  • Primary causes of homelessness

  • And through interactive activities and discussions, the importance of developing empathy.

Currently, our team is developing follow-up workshops to create an integrated program that continues dialogue on homelessness both in and out of the classroom

We aim for these discussions to spur independent change, as knowledge is a driver of empathy, and empathy is a driver of action.


Request a Workshop

If you are an elementary school parent, teacher, or childcare coordinator interested in bringing Project Empathic to your classroom and/or know someone who may be interested in our workshop program, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly. To learn more about our workshops, please visit our Workshops page.

Are you requesting a workshop on behalf of yourself or a teacher/supervisor you are familiar with?

Thank you requesting a workshop! You'll hear back from our team within ten business days.

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