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Volunteer with Us

If our mission resonates with you, then we encourage you to join our team.

Description: With a small team of high school and university student volunteers, you will direct a 60-minute workshop, either in-person or online, on homelessness for an elementary-level classroom. You will run interactive activities to build empathy and engage in important dialogues with students about the origins of homelessness and why they matter.

If willing, you may also be tasked with picking up the cards at select locations. Training provided.

Team Expectations:

  • Time Commitment: Minimum ~3 hrs/month, though subject to vary. Every volunteer is required to oversee at least one workshop and one card pick-up per month, with each volunteer cycle being around six months. 

  • We also require our members to be responsive to email communication and commit to being present and punctual for the workshops they choose to sign up for


*Please note that although we arrange workshops based on our volunteers' schedules, workshops often take place during regular school hours (9am-3pm) and may require you to miss one or two hours of class time each month.

To join our team:

  1. Interest — express your interest by filling out the form

  2. Interview — meet with our team for a brief chat

  3. Integration — attend our training, gain confidence, and practice the skills you need to lead a Project Empathic workshop with ease

Become a Workshop Program Facilitator

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Thank you for making our mission possible.


Volunteer with Us

If you are a high school or university student interested in volunteering with Project Empathic to help run our workshop program, please submit the short form below so we can get in touch.

We deeply appreciate your support and look forward to meeting with you!


Volunteer FAQs

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